Mainsail panel design is determined by the choice of material. Dacron, Cruising Mylar, and Cruising Pentex Mylar are available for use in Cruising and Performance Cruising. Racing applications include Polyester Mylar, Kevlar/Aramid Mylar, Carbon Mylar, Spectra/Dynema Mylar, and D4 Custom Load Path Mylar . X-Ply design is applied in all Mylar material.Crosscut panel design is available for all Dacron and some Mylar. The Tri-Radial panel design is recommended and available in Dacron and Mylar.


Quantity of battens and lengths, full, 50%, and traditional short styles are chosen for each custom sail application. Tapered Battens are used in all sails, full length and short batten designs. Batten tension is adjusted aft with an internal velcro/webbing strap. Forward end of batten is contained by our bolt on cap with slide hand sewn with webbing. Harken, Antal, and other mast track systems are supported with appropriate hardware.


Headboards are standard with a SS liner in the shackle hole. Luff and foot slides are hand sewn with webbing. Corner reinforcements are radial designed with SS rings and webbing chafe guards. Leech cords exit out of each clew reef for adjustment. Loose footed mainsails include foot cord adjusted at the tack. Storm Trysails can be constructed from Orange material for better visibility.